Saturday, April 30, 2011

Martha, the Personal Trainer!

So! As you might guess from the title, I am now a Certified Personal Trainer! I wonder what the stats are on 63-year-old female trainers....

I can't express my amazement at how EASY it was. Beware when hiring a PT - it doesn't always take a lot to get "certified". Ha! Luckily I have a FEW other credentials.

I will be starting my "new career" this coming week at LA Fitness, where Jim and I work out. I - am - so - nervous. I eliminated scheduling in the office on Tuesdays, since it was only 3 to 6 pm any way and lately had become rather sparse. I added an hour or two elsewhere.

The training supervisor, whom I mentioned in the last post, says she will have no problem finding clients for me. It sounds reasonable, since every single one of the other trainers are guys, and pretty young. I have two client appointments on Tuesday!

Should be interesting. Whenever I begin a new big thing like this, I am scared and nervous and really UP FOR IT. Yay!

UPDATE: 5/10/2012

Since this was written, changes have occurred. A few months ago the trainers were notified that, among other things, we had to commit to 20 hours per week. That's just impossible for me, given my business, so they said "Good-bye!"

Too bad - I really was enjoying it (mostly), met some nice people and felt that I was helping people be healthier.

I'm not too sure if I will renew my certification, which is good for another year. We'll see how things go!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Next New Thing

Hi, blog!

I know it's been too long. I keep saying Self, when this-or-that happens, then I'll post. Ach.

Anyway, I have been pretty DOWN since the shootings in Tucson in January. It seemed to bring out some serious depression about my powerlessness to have a positive effect on anything in the world. The political climate is just so filthy - so much self-righteousness, bigotry, name-calling, etc, etc, etc.

I finally decided to go to a counselor. I've done that a couple of other times in my life when things seemed useless - it has really helped, and the last time it resulted in my attending chiropractic college! Yikes.

I'm more settled - not settled, but more settled. She pointed out to me that this event reminded me of other times in my life when I felt powerless. It sure feels like those times, which at least once was my "dark night of the soul". That began some reflection and eased the sharp parts.

WELL ... last weekend I attended a seminar to begin certification as a Personal Trainer. Yeah!

A couple of months ago I got the idea it would be neat to be a Personal Trainer when I retire, which I hope can be in about two years. The head of training at LA Fitness is a woman who encouraged me - said it would a great idea, given my background professionally and personally. I thought I would start pursuing it in a year or two. About two weeks ago a poster went up at the club about a training in Phoenix that was half-price and included taking a certification exam within 6 months. I agonized about it, consulted with Gayle (the training person above), and just let it percolate for awhile. I couldn't talk myself out of it. Since I wanted to do it and I could save about $300, why not????

So I took the course. This week Jim and I will take a CPR class (required before I can take the exam), and next Saturday, March 26th I will be taking the exam! The instructor encouraged us to do it soon, while the info is fresh in our minds. It'll be good to get it over with!

It seems not a very rational thing to do, since I can't make as much money doing that, but right now it's great to have a big goal in mind and to work toward.

We'll see how it all works out!!!!!!!!!

Wish me luck!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Black Saturday

Well! My wishes for peace didn't last very long.

Today, as most of you probably know, there was a tragic mass shooting in Tucson. Six people were killed, including a federal judge and a beautiful 9-year-old girl. The target was our US Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords. She is still alive, after taking a bullet through one side of her brain. Of course, this is terribly serious, but the surgeons feel she is doing very well, CONSIDERING.

I am just so depressed I can hardly function. I have met and spoken with her, and she is just a wonderful woman and a great representative.

Several times in the past years I have honestly looked at moving to Canada (yes!). The political and social climate in our country is just so horrible and I can't see how it will get better. The people mostly responsible for spreading the lies and hate refuse to take responsibility. They are (as usual) filling the airwaves with "he is a lone actor" and "things like this just happen". Bah

The champion overeater that I am has actually lost her appetite. (Don't know how long that will last....)

I am SO SICK of the intolerance and hatred and bigotry. Our state is getting worse and worse, as the nuts have taken over in Phoenix. I don't think leaving Arizona would make much of a difference, though.

I hope I will calm down soon, so I can make a decent decision. Right now I'm pretty upset that I just signed a 3-year lease on my office!

I'm doing lots of praying. I need help!

Thursday, January 6, 2011


I had four days off over New Year's and had some leisure to think about "life and things".

I have been upset on and off over the past several months about how politics and other social issues are going. Everyone seems angry with everyone else and common sense is totally NOT present on any side. I lose sleep sometimes, mulling over events or personalities or comments made, etc. Not good!

I have decided to pursue PEACE. We won't see peace in the world unless individuals are peaceful. This starts with personal peace, so I keep bringing my mind back to that . When I'm driving - a situation with many opportunities to lose peace! - I remind myself: peace, peace, peace. It seems to work! It requires constant reminders!!!

Now I want to pursue other ways to bring simplicity to my life, and therefore more peace.

Today I canceled the local paper. Reading it most times seems to get me agitated! I will miss the crowssword puzzles!! Ha!

Next? Getting rid of STUFF - my extra clothes, etc. Stay tuned...!