Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Update on Foot

My injured right ankle and foot are still giving me "fits".

It is getting better, but I still need to wear athletic shoes all the time. The foot still isn't very flexible and I can't be vertical for long periods of time. Last Friday, for the first time this season I ushered for the Tucson Symphony. After a day of work it was too much time on my feet, and my foot was sore Saturday and Sunday. Ice packs feel delicious! The past two days have been a little better, but it's definitely not in as good shape as before that evening.

Patience has never been my long suit anyway, and this is Frustrating. Six months now!!

I bought a wobble board, which I will probably start using a bit soon.



Today I signed up for a spinning class! Not the cycling kind, but this kind.

I've been knitting for years, but just recently have become fascinated with the idea of how yarn is created. Guess I've been reading too many knitting blogs....

It's on November 20th, so I'll blog back then!