Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bathroom remodel!

Awhile ago we had someone come to recaulk our tubs. Well, it turns out we have loose wall tile in both bathrooms, meaning - leaking under the tile. Yikes.

So, we started with the upstairs bathroom, which I was really glad to change anyway! It was the most inconveniently laid out tub I have EVER seen. So we decided to make a walk-in shower!

Here's the tub after they tore out the tile and moldy wall! You can see, in the lower right, the angle at which the tub was set into its platform, making for an awkward job to get into the tub (especially if you have a broken ankle!). The pipe going through that space is, according to the installer, a vent for the downstairs toilet. It had to be rerouted under the floor. (Sorry for the blur - close quarters taking the pic with my Blackberry.)

Here's the new shower! Yay! Conveniently for these pictures, the shower doors haven't come in yet, because they're a custom order. It's great to have all that elbow room!

Here's the bench on the opposite wall. Spacious!

The old floor was carpeted, with same stuff that's all over the house, if you can imagine. NOT practical in a bathroom!

So this is the new floating ceramic tile floor! It also goes around the corner to the toilet room.

It's really beautiful and nice! And with a lifetime guarantee, yet!

We're very pleased and, of course, will be even more pleased when there are shower doors....

They brought us a shower rod and plastic curtain to use in the meantime. "They say" it will be in this week!

Update: the shower doors are in! Very nice. All done now! It's so great to take a shower and not bang your elbows on the walls. Sigh.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Relaxing Week Off

What a pleasant week!

I managed to do almost nothing! Except knit, watch recorded TV shows, work out a few times, overeat a bit... a good time.

Yes, I did SOME cleaning, and got the leak in the garage roof fixed. It leaked inside after last Friday night's rainstorm, near the spout that comes off the roof (they call it a canally). They were old and inexpertly sealed and leaked inside the roof into the inside. Not the first thing in this house we've had to fix because someone in the past took the easy/cheap way to fix something. Grrr.

Anyway, the kitties have enjoyed being out on the porch a lot, and I've tried not to feel lazy, but being lazy is what vacations should be sometimes.

Today I bought a bread machine. I've been thinking about it for awhile, because of my gluten problems and the fact that commercial gluten-free bread is very "white" and fiberless, etc. Not healthy. I'm hoping to make some more fiberful and healthy bread myself. I've found some recipes and will start experimenting tomorrow! Stay tuned.