Thursday, January 6, 2011


I had four days off over New Year's and had some leisure to think about "life and things".

I have been upset on and off over the past several months about how politics and other social issues are going. Everyone seems angry with everyone else and common sense is totally NOT present on any side. I lose sleep sometimes, mulling over events or personalities or comments made, etc. Not good!

I have decided to pursue PEACE. We won't see peace in the world unless individuals are peaceful. This starts with personal peace, so I keep bringing my mind back to that . When I'm driving - a situation with many opportunities to lose peace! - I remind myself: peace, peace, peace. It seems to work! It requires constant reminders!!!

Now I want to pursue other ways to bring simplicity to my life, and therefore more peace.

Today I canceled the local paper. Reading it most times seems to get me agitated! I will miss the crowssword puzzles!! Ha!

Next? Getting rid of STUFF - my extra clothes, etc. Stay tuned...!

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