Saturday, July 31, 2010

Update on the foot

Last Tuesday I had an MRI on my right foot, which I had twisted and fractured the last week of April. It had been getting better, but then a week or so ago it began hurting "differently" - various kinds of sensations, sometimes pain, sometimes tightness, sometimes twinging....
Thus, the MRI.
The results were kind of surprising, but they explained all the things I was feeling!
I'm including the picture (from my favorite anatomy book from chiro college) so you can see the small bones that make up the foot.
In several of the small bones I have what they call "bone marrow edema". Edema in general refers to swelling. I've never heard of BONE edema! My doctor (and a couple of websites!) explained that it's a finding that only shows up on an MRI. It means, among a few other things that don't apply here, that there was trauma. Yeah. I know! There's also some inflammation around a tendon sheath, so that explains the occasional soreness up the front of my shin.
The bones that are affected are in the area that was crushed together when I twisted my ankle, which was a really fast and hard twist. I'm not sure why they haven't healed.
What it means is more healing time, and more wearing my big shoes (not so great in this heat!).
I'm anxious to do some cardio, but there's little I can do with my ankle like this. I have been doing weight training, adapting for the ankle limitations. I've done 5 minutes on the elliptical trainer, which seems to stress it the least. Dr. said not to do a lot of walking - repetitive stress.
No one has mentioned low bone density or "considering the patient's age" or stuff like that, so I think I'm okay there.
I guess I just can't do things the normal way - have to get all drama about it!
Pray for healing!

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