Thursday, July 15, 2010

Rant on clothes shopping....

It is soooo frustrating to be tall and try to find clothes that fit!

Today I was trying to find workout pants, not full length but not shorts. I went to a Lane Bryant store. Years ago they had a whole section of clothes for tall people. Nowadays all they have is "women's sizes" - meaning, LARGE. I understand that they need clothes to fit them, but I get CRAZY that no one seems to care about tall people. So often I hear people say, Oh, how nice to be so tall! Well, I don't mind being tall now that I'm an adult, but I sure would like that admiration to extend to being considered worth making clothes for!

The saleswoman at Lane Bryant kept saying they had tall sizes, but I couldn't find any - just 22's and 28's, ++++ etc. They only had dress pants, and few at that. She just gave me a withering look, like it's my fault I'm not LARGE. (I guess it is, tho. Hmm. Maybe I should just get fat again.)

And MEN have Big and Tall stores. Is this prejudice against women? I don't get it.

I've looked on the internet, but all I could find were long pants. Oh, there was ONE shorter pair, but the "waist" clearly didn't cover the navel. Yeah, right.


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