Friday, July 2, 2010

Back to Fitness!

Today I had my first training workout at LA Fitness. I joined because my Curves closed (sob!). I knew the now-nearest Curves was too far away for me to be as loyal in my workouts as before. I know myself when it comes to exercise - I don't like it! The LA Fitness is about the same distance, ~1.something miles. My husband Jim has been a member there for awhile.

Last week I signed up for some training so I can really get started well and have professional guidance on what to do - there have to be a thousand machines there! Today was the first session. My arms are rubber right now....

I really am more suited to couch-sitting and knitting, alternated with some cat-feeding and brushing. Oh, and crossword puzzling. But I surely do feel better when I work out, better mentally and physically. And the memory of my mom's osteoporotic spine is very motivating.

I am so fortunate that this is available!

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